Patrick Joray (born in 1999) is a Swiss jazz saxophonist currently based in Basel.

He grew up in Solothurn, Switzerland and got his first saxophone at the age of 9. During his pre-high school years (2012-2014) he got in touch with jazz music for the first time and got more serious about to learn the tradition and the language of this music in the following years.

From 2016 he started attending lessons at Swiss Jazz School in Bern where he studied with Klaus Widmer as well as Donat Fisch (on a private basis).

After graduating high school, he moved to Basel (2018) to study at the Jazzcampus where he finished his Bachelor's degree with honors (2021).


Currently he's completing his Master's degree at Jazzcampus in Basel. His teachers include Mark Turner, William Evans, Jorge Rossy.



* Förderpreis des Kanton Solothurn 2022
* Friedlwald-Stipendium 2021
* Azeiger-Kulturförderpreis 2017