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Patrick Joray (*1999, Solothurn) is a Swiss jazz saxophonist currently based in Basel.

He grew up in a musical home and started playing ukulele at the age of five. A bit later he changed to classical guitar. However even as a young boy the saxophone was the instrument that he wanted to play one day. For his 9th birthday he got his first saxophone.


During his pre-high school years (2012-2014) he got in touch with jazz music and improvisation for the first time. After discovering "Blue Train" by John Coltrane in 2015 he decided to pursue a professional career in music. Since then his love and passion for music and the saxophone is continuously growing.

From 2016 he started attending lessons at Swiss Jazz School in Bern where he studied with Klaus Widmer as well as Donat Fisch (on a private basis).

After graduating from high school (2018), he decided to move to Basel to study at the renowned Jazzcampus with Domenic Landolf, Mark Turner & William Evans. Furthermore he got the chance to study with Jorge Rossy, Larry Grenadier, Chris Cheek, Jeff Ballard. In summer 2021 he finished his Bachelor's degree with honors.


In Autumn 2023 he finished his Masters degree (Pedagogy) at the Jazzcampus.

Patrick lives in Basel and is working as a freelance musician.

©Photo by Rhapsodist


* Förderpreis Kurt und Barbara Alten-Stiftung, Solothurn 2023
* Förderpreis des Kanton Solothurn 2022
* Friedlwald-Stipendium 2021
* Azeiger-Kulturförderpreis 2017

©Photo by Roshan Adhihetty
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