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Skylark Quartet

Samuele Sorana - Guitar

Patrick Joray - Saxophone

Tobias Melcher - Bass

Marton Juhasz - Drums


The "Skylark Quartet" is a collective group made up of members with already notoriety in the Swiss and international jazz scene.

The band plays an altogether jazz style contaminated by Mediterranean sounds. The project wants to reaffirm the importance of the melody supported by a completely tonal harmony, thus proposing a music of impact and quality, accessible to any type of audience.

The most important quality of the "Skylark Quartet", which has always stood up and recognized also by important Swiss musicians such as Hans Feigenwinter and Bäns Oester, is that of presenting itself as a true and real Band, solid and compact, and not like as an assemblage of musicians. Indeed, the unique character of the band is possible because unique are its members; with their quality as improvisers, their distinguished tone and sound, alert listening and concentration while performing, they allow so to give life to the music.

The quartet’s repertoire is made by the original compositions written by the guitarist Samuele Sorana and double- bassist Tobias Melcher. The tunes are based on the idea of giving importance to the form, melody and harmony, focusing above all on the expressive and communicative character of the music.

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